Interior Work in Progress


Here are some pictures of the work in progress at Elegance Aircraft Interiors' shop in Smoketown, PA  They were previously called Sierra Aircraft interiors, but continue to have the same owner and skilled employees)...


This is Elegance Aircraft Interiors' work shop.  Owner Roberto Abarca and his artful assistant, Dione, are at work at the cutting table.

Interior of plane with all panels stripped off.  The original carpet is still on the deck.  We didn't have to add increased sound proofing, as that was done with the avionics upgrade in 2004.

Overhead and side panels are stripped from the plane waiting to be foamed and recovered.

This picture of the rear seats shows the condition of the 27 year old still serviceable foam.  Old foam has been rejuvenated with steam, the space between the seat backs has been widened, and new foam has been added for extra contours to make the seats look and feel more like bucket seats that will offer more support and comfort for the rear-seat passengers.

Here are the rear seats with the seat back covers laid in place offering a hint of what they will look like when finished.
And here is are the finished rear seats with one new headrest installed.  We didn't have rear head rests before.  Notice how it makes the rear seats look more "finished" and comfortable.

Some of the interior seat panels that have already been recovered.

And here are some of the side panels showing work in progress.  Dione has been busy.

Dione cuts a piece of foam backing for one of the seat side panels.  Each panel and cover gets a new layer of foam before the outer covering goes on.

In the foreground, you can see the foam stitched into the new seat back cover for the pilot's seat.


Roberto demonstrates how the side cockpit panels will look.  The  original brittle plastic molding is history.

Here is the pilot's seat.  New foam was added and contoured in both the seat and the back for a more "bucket seat" look and extra support.  Note the extra thigh support on the front edge.  Also, the seat back will be about 1" higher than before.

On the right is the finished cover which has been just laid on the seat to show how it will look.  It has not yet been pulled tight and fitted.

Close-up of the double stitching which will be present on all seat edges.  Note the leather-like insert in the middle of the seat and the seat back above.

The pilot seat (on the left) will be about 2" wider than the co-pilot seat (shown on the right) for extra pilot comfort.  You can see that here, but it will be hard to notice the difference once the seats are installed.  Also note the additional height on both seats. 

Again, you can see the shaping of the new foam to create a more contoured seat design.


Roberto fits the new back covering on one of the front seats.  Notice that the seat frames have been freshly painted to match the leather-like vinyl seat trim. 


Several days later more progress is being made.  There are rolls of foam, coverings, carpet, and panels in various stages of completion all across the shop.

These are the unfinished interior panels for one of the doors.  Carpet will be on the bottom, topped with decorative stitched padded panels.  Than the arm rests covered in real leather (the piece Roberto is pointing to).  And finally more padded paneling up to the base of the window.

The new carpet is laid out on the deck of the plane ready to be trimmed and fitted.  This carpet has the thick plush feel of what you might expect to find in the corporate jet of a Fortune 500 company. 

Now the carpet is fit and the newly covered rear bulkhead installed.  Note how the carpet is split into sections allowing access to the tail cone without having to move the items off the shelf above.

Dione cuts more vinyl for additional panels while Roberto prepares the overhead shell for covering with micro-leather.

Roberto does some finishing work on the right side door panel.

And here is the finished door (except for the arm rest).  Note how the lines match up with the cockpit panels forward of the door, as well as the panels behind.

Finally, the interior is done and Roberto turns the plane back over to us.  Roberto and Dione have done a very professional job and it looks great.



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